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Say Less is a suite of five songs inspired by both the singer-songwriter tradition and trap music. Each track utilizes a similarly tripped-out vibe to evoke a story arc. Acting as a sort of contemporary pop twist on the operetta, this EP examines some of the quirks and complexities involved in building and sustaining a loving relationship. I was extremely fortunate to get more than a little help from my friends: David Sisko provided all the tight beats and dirty bass throughout; Isaiah Barr plays gorgeous saxophone lines on “Wait For You” and Alice Cohen graces “On My Mind” with her transcendent vocals. Say Less was produced, recorded and mixed by David Sisko at Lounge Studios in New York City and mastered by Tom Rogers in Los Angeles. The cover image is a detail from my painting also titled Say Less.


For Donald Baechler (1956-2022)

DAG_Sending Love-Cover Art.jpg

Sending Love is my debut solo album. This collection of songs is an attempt to be as pure and naked as possible. In all my years performing I always felt most honest and real singing a song to one person alone with an acoustic guitar. This is an approximation of that atmosphere. I’m singing these songs especially for you. They were written over ten years in the Chelsea Hotel, NYC’s East Village and the elusive land known as Central New Jersey. They were recorded in single takes by the masterful producer (and my partner in Disco Pusher) David Sisko. The title song was inspired by Zak Williams.

The album is dedicated to the late great Steve Paul.

David Aaron Greenberg - Standing In The Hood
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