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I try to sleep

On an empty feeling


Face down

I stare at the ceiling


A pregnant pause

Stardust and television snow


I can’t get enough of your face


The dumb grins

And senseless sentences

Confused thick lips

Steamy silhouettes

Against the shower curtains


All the particulars

Behind a white door


In the battle to see

Who cared less


I lost



The goal has always been

To stop time

A kiss which never happens

Sloppy incantations

Missed in translation

Nervous sentiments and sweat

Empty bags and beer bottles


To debase the senses

With the appropriate substances

Going for broke

The pilgrimage

The transcendence


You just got to get high

Get off get wrecked

And take off your own pants

In the interest of speed

Look into a mirror

To see the face of God


Fall on the floor in vain

The flower that once bloomed

Now hangs upside down

Shriveled like a Jew

Nailed to a crucifix


But still you move

Closer to the light

A photosynthesis

Of sorts


So when you crash

You don’t burn


You glow

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